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California Sun-Daze Crushes It!

California Sun-Daze Crushes It!

December 2019 #CrushingIt Winner
December 20, 2019

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s more important than ever to give back to the community. Our December’s #CrushingIt winner is no stranger to the charitable spirit, especially when it comes to the area’s four-legged friends!

Cleverly named “Furtastic Friday”, California Sun-Daze hosts a weekly fundraiser to benefit their local humane society and animal shelters. Totaling nearly $10,000 in donations for the year to date, California Sun-Daze has no plans of stopping anytime soon, “We’re continuing each month to raise funds for our fur friends…This month we’re raising funds for local service dogs in emergency response teams!”

What keeps Furtastic Fridays going week after week? California Sun-Daze says it’s their amazing clients. “Furtastic Fridays have been overwhelmingly successful due to all of our client’s support.” Those who donate during the event can participate in contests and giveaways, ranging from lotions and goodie bags to salon tanning packages. The New York based tanning studio hopes to see others follow suit and get involved in their communities however they can. Our team at Devoted Creations agrees and we’re so proud to see members of our tanning family making such a meaningful impact. We’re looking forward to seeing updates on future Furtastic Fridays! California Sun-Daze team, you all are #CrushingIt!

You can find California Sun-Daze on Instagram @californiasundaze to follow their journey. Think you or your team is #CrushingIt? Whether it’s helping others in your community or accomplishing a lifelong goal, we want to see how! Use #DCCrushingIt2020 on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts and DM us your submission for a chance to be featured on our website, social media pages, and national tanning magazine ads. Monthly winner will also receive a Devoted Creations Product Package worth over $300!

Cardiac Kids Foundation of Florida - Fundraising Golf Tournament

Cardiac Kids Foundation of Florida Event

Fundraising Golf Tournament
March 28, 2016

Devoted Creations co-hosted the 2016 Cardiac Kids Spring Golf Tournament at East Lake Woodlands Country Club in Oldsmar, FL as the Platinum Sponsor. This marks the third annual Cardiac Kids golf event.

The Cardiac Kids Foundation of Florida was co-founded by the principal owner of Devoted Creations with help from surgeons of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL.

Eighty people attended this year’s event in support of the Cardiac Kids Foundation of Florida. The foundation raises money through charitable donations for families of children with heart disease to help them cover the costs of their child’s medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical care.

Marlee Huggins, Founder of the Cardiac Kids Foundation of Florida, thanked “the entire Devoted Creations team for planning such a great event.”

Retired MLB player and former Florida Marlins outfielder and third baseman Gary Sheffield also attended this year’s event. A native of Tampa, FL, he and his wife Deleon currently reside there.

Huggins went on to say that Sheffield’s “continued support of the Cardiac Kids Foundation of Florida is something they are forever grateful and appreciative for.”

Attendees of this year’s charity golf tournament participated in dinner, awards ceremony, and a live auction. All proceeds from the auction went to the Cardiac Kids Foundation of Florida. The total amount raised from the auction at this year’s event was $18,000.

As a company, Devoted Creations believes that it is important to give back to their community and regularly donates to several local charities.

Donate today to help us help kids born with congenital heart disease.

Caribbean Hot Spot - Annual Christmas Party

Caribbean Hot Spot

Annual Christmas Staff Party
December 18, 2015

Devoted Creations sponsored Five Star Diamond salon chain, Caribbean Hot Spot's annual Christmas staff party.

Goody Bags were provided for staff containing Devoted Creations samples, DC koozies, literature, and a special gift from the salon owner, Jill Yablon.

Along with the Christmas festivities, a training was provided by Kandra Covert, where the staff gained knowledge on sales tips and all 2016 Devoted Creations products.

"We really enjoy having Kandra here working side by side with the staff, it gets them excited for new products and ready to sell. Devoted Creations is our go-to product and we love the support they provide us. Devoted is more than just a brand, they are family." said salon owner, Jill Yablon.

Cardiac Kids Fundraiser - Annual Wine Tasting Charity Event

Cardiac Kids Event

First annual Wine Tasting Charity event
Tampa, FL—November 17th, 2015

The Cardiac Kids foundation of Florida, in partnership with Devoted Creations, hosted its first annual Wine Tasting Charity event.

The generously attended evening was held at Toast Wine and Café in South Tampa.

“I am extremely thankful to Glenn and Jill Harrod for their donation of wine, Hors d'oeuvres, and the use of their beautiful wine bar for this event.” Said Marlee Huggins, Co-Founder of the Cardiac Kids Foundation of Florida.

“Between the Harrods and the huge amount of support we receive from Devoted Creations, not only monetarily, but also their help in planning, donations, and company representation, we are able to better help how impactful we our to our cardiac families”

Thousands of dollars were raised though silent auction items as well as attendance tickets to benefit the families of Cardiac Kids.

Pacific tanning Corporate Meeting

Pacific Tanning Event

Pacific Tanning Corporate Meeting
New York—September 28, 2015

Pacific Tanning, a Devoted Creations™ Five Star Diamond salon with multiple locations in the New York area held one of their largest corporate meetings.

The meeting took place at their home office with 22 employees in attendance. Owner, Brad Blair held the the four hour meeting to go over everything from products and services to EFT's and sales. To maximize the meeting and education, Brad scheduled three guest speakers as well.

All employees received bags filled with goodies from Devoted Creations™ including brand new 2016 products, Devoted Creations™ Koozies and Yard Cups, and training guides. Brad stated, “Thank you Devoted Creations for everything. Pacific Tanning team is point and we will see you in Nashville.”

ITA Tanning Expo 2016

ITA Tanning World Expo

2016 product line Unveiling
Columbus, OH—September 25th-27th, 2015

Devoted Creations™ unveiled their 2016 product line at the ITA Tanning World Expo in Columbus, OH.

In attendance was Devoted Creations™ new spokes model, Elizabeth Smith. This was Elizabeth's first tanning expo and she was very excited to meet everyone as well as sign posters and take pictures. The salons were also very excited to be able to touch and smell the new 2016 product line for the first time.

Devoted Creations™ national sales trainers Lisa Parsons and Kandra Covert held multiple packed training sessions where new product was being given away.

Touchable Tan Event - Golf Tournament

Touchable Tan Event

The Denham Springs Country Club's Annual Catfish Golf Tournament
Port Jefferson, NY—July 31, 2015

On Saturday, July 18, 2015, the Touchable Tan crew, a Devoted Creations Five Star Diamond Salon, went out to the Denham Springs Country Club for it's Annual Catfish Golf Tournament.

Representing the salon at the tournament was Tara Sanders (Owner), Victoria Peckham (Manager), and Shelbie Bailey (Tanning Model). The girls handed out multiple lotion samples donated for the event by Devoted Creations along with DC koozies, "Lil Bit Country" mugs, and "Commit to Your Tan" yard cups.

The Country Club supplied the tournament with a catered fried catfish lunch where the girls got to meet and greet with the contestants and other supporters of the day. Amongst conversation, the golfers taught the girls the rules of the games and in return they explained the many benefits of sunlight, moderate exposure, and all of the great qualities of the Devoted Creations product line.

As prizes, Touchable Tan donated 2 months of Total Access Tanning to all of the equipment in the salon, several gift cards to local small restaurants, and several single month Level 1 gift cards for the "Closest to the Whole" winners. Tara Sanders stated, “All in all it was a great day with good people under the sun!”

South Beach tanning Company - Port Jefferson Grand Opening

South Beach Tanning Company

Port Jefferson, NY Grand Opening
Port Jefferson, NY—June 5, 2015

In May of this year, Devoted Creations exclusive salon chain South Beach Tanning Company celebrated the grand opening of their new franchise location in Port Jefferson, NY.

Because this was the first South Beach Tanning Company on Long Island, local radio station 106.1 WBLI hosted the event and the Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce kicked off the day with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Everyone who attended the grand opening celebration was entered to win prizes, received free products and tanning, and became acquainted with the brand new location and everything it has to offer.

Devoted Creations sponsored the event with gift sets, t-shirts, packets and more to be raffled away to the hundreds of customers who attended the event. One lucky customer even won a Free Year of tanning.

The Midas Touch Golden Tans - Birthday Celebration

The Midas Touch Golden Tans

Birthday Celebration
Emporia, KS—April 30, 2015

Everybody loves a birthday party with lots of presents, and every year The Midas Touch Golden Tans in Emporia, KS celebrates its birthday with a Free Tan Weekend celebration. Instead of getting all the birthday presents, The Midas Touch gives the presents to their clients. Free tans, free upgrades, and TONS of give-aways make Free Tan Weekend an event not to miss in the small-town, Kansas community.

This year, The Midas Touch celebrated its 13th anniversary with its annual Free Tan Weekend. The event brings out hundreds of existing clients and encourages many new clients to check out the salon. “It’s incredible to see the community support our business the way they do, especially on Free Tan weekend,” said co-manager, Amy Ringler. “We really look forward to seeing so many clients during the event. It sets our salon up for a successful busy-season.”

The salon features many sales during Free Tan Weekend. Popular specials include: discount EFT sign-up bonuses, discounts on tanning lotion, and half-price “tan til the end of the year” packages. This year, The Midas Touch offered a new special- a VIP package. “We’ve never offered anything like this before, and the response was phenomenal,” explained co-manager, Lauren White. “This package gave clients unlimited access to all levels of tanning, red light therapy, and spray tanning. It was a huge hit!“

Every year, the salon sets a goal for lotion sales. As a Devoted Creations Five-Star Diamond salon, The Midas Touch actively promotes it's DC line-up to get clients excited for Free Tan Weekend lotion sales. President of Devoted Creations, Lewis Henry, was on hand at this year’s event. “Our three-day total for product sales was over 400 bottles! We blew our goal out of the water! Our staff rocks. They got excited about our sales and made sure every client left Free Tan Weekend with at least one lotion…if not 4,” commented Ringler.

The birthday celebration is definitely a party. From tans and clients, to employees and Midas Touch veterans, everyone is included. Former Midas Touch employees come back for the weekend to help run the salon and bring their families to enjoy the festivities. Industry friends, like Henry and Kevin Apgar from Cosmedico, also join the party. Owner, Darrell Ringler, makes sure that all have a good time. Free Tan Weekend has become as much of a family reunion as it has become a cornerstone to a successful busy season at The Midas Touch.

Classmate USA Spring Break Model Search

Devoted Creations Sponsored Event

Classmate USA Spring Break Model Search
Panama City Beach/Miami, FL—April 24, 2015

Devoted Creations recently sponsored the Classmate USA Spring Break Model Search in Panama City Beach and Miami. Over 75 models participated, being "discovered" during Spring Break. Devoted Creations is a long time sponsor of this event.

Models are given the opportunity to do a professional photo shoot. The best 16 selected models will be featured in the next edition of the Classmate USA Spring Break Swimsuit Calendar. The calendar is distributed in several countries.

This model search was founded in 1980 by Steve Rosenberg, and is the longest running model search in the USA. The "discovered" models all get to keep the swimwear they model, and also receive a nice gift pack, including tanning products from Devoted Creations. In addition, the model who takes the front cover shot receives a $1000 cash award!

Models who are interested in participating in the next swimsuit calendar search should apply at www.classmateusa.com. Be sure to put Devoted Creations as the sponsor when you apply.

The World's Largest Model Search

BodyBing St. Patrick's Day event

BodyBing Tanning Sponsored Event

St. Patrick's Day Promotion
Fraser, MI—March 23, 2015

On St. Patrick's Day, Devoted Creations Five Star Diamond Salon, BodyBing Tanning had the fortunate opportunity to help sponsor and promote a big St. Patrick's Day event in Fraser, MI at The Vintage House.

The event hosted over 3,000 people who were ready to drink and party the entire day celebrating the Irish holiday.

Domenic Damico, owner of BodyBing Tanning stated, “With the gracious help of the team at Devoted Creations we were sent a large amount promotional products, such as can coolers and packets of lotion to represent Devoted Creations and our tanning salon BodyBing Tanning. We were given an area and a table in the entrance lobby and everything was passed out in under 2 hours as we collected emails for each promo given, plus speaking to prospective clients who may have not known of our location. Being a 5 Star Diamond member has its perks such as being helped by the very lotion you sell passionately everyday to your clients.”

NEW - Blondetourage

NEW from Devoted Creations

Exclusively formulated only for the Tanning Elite
Airbrush Matte Finish Bronzers for Sleek, Sexy Celebrity Worthy Results

It’s true what they say, blondes really do have more fun! Blondetourage™ is for the ultimate tanning diva that demands Perfection! This dark tanning, matte finish, BB crème, DHA free bronzer utilizes the skin toning and tightening benefits of Revita Fit™, Ideal Lift™ and Body Fit™ to fight skin’s sagging, reduce the appearance of cellulite and restore firmness to the skin. Intense tanning stimulators will ensure perfect, red carpet ready results every time. Powerful anti-aging benefits of Matrixyl Synthe 6™ will help you become that blonde, bronzed bombshell you were born to be. Dark spot correctors and after tan odor eliminators perfectly compliment this tanning cocktail… Keep your heels, head and standards high – Join the Blondetourage™!

NEW - Lil' Bit Redneck

NEW from Devoted Creations

Smothered, Covered, Dipped and Southern Baked
A broiling browning hot sizzler that will leave you soft as a biscuit

Just like the glow of a lightning bug looks for absolute darkness, If you are looking for the best lotion to take your tan to the darkest of dark, then look no further than Lil Bit’s Redneck™! The broiling hot browning lotion will tan, tone, and tighten to leave you cute as a button! Added Tattoo & Color Fade protectors and hemp seed oil provide your skin with nothing but down home luxury. While after tan odor eliminators will leave you as refreshed as a jar as sweet tea! Try Lil Bit’s Redneck™ and you are guaranteed to go hog wild!

NEW - Collagenetics 2 in 1 Packet

0.7 oz. (20 mL) Packet - Now Available

Collagenetics™ is a miracle break-through, total face and body skin care system. COLLAGENETICS 2-IN-1 LOTION™ is the newest product to this innovative regime. The 2-in-1 lotion™ has been formulated for those tanners who have chosen to utilize both the red light therapy and tanning in the same day. With one product you can do it all. Apply the lotion to your entire body following exfoliation and prior to Red Light Therapy and then go straight into the tanning bed! Your skin will be prepped for your red light session and then ready to get fast, dark tanning results without the need to apply a separate product. All of these formulas have been scientifically designed to work in conjunction with each other to help erase the appearance of aging and take your skin back to its youthful look. Ideal to use as the foundation of your daily skin care regime, they have also been formulated to work with Red Light Therapy for optimum results to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of aging.

SunFactory Fundraiser

SunFactory Fundraiser

Fundraiser for the Marysville Pilchuck High School shooting tragedy
Marysville, WA—December 9, 2014

Through the month of November, SunFactory, a Devoted Creations' Five Star Diamond salon, in the small town of Marysville, WA held a fundraiser for the Marysville Pilchuck High School shooting tragedy. SunFactory raffled off tickets to be entered to win six months of free tanning or a lotion kit filled with Devoted Creations products. Brandon Stokes, owner of SunFactory donated all of the proceeds from the raffle to the Marysville Pilchuck Memorial Fund. Devoted Creations also matched Sunfactory's donation. From all of us at Devoted Creations thank you for letting us be a part of such a worthy event.

South Beach Tanning Event

South Beach Tanning Company Event

UCF Students involved in Greek Life
October 28, 2014

On October 17, 2014, Devoted Creations exclusive salon chain, South Beach Tanning Company was invited to participate at an event for those students who are involved in Greek Life at the University of Central Florida. This event was a one day event held at Lake Claire and featured music, games, and outdoor activities to kick off the start to homecoming week.

This year South Beach Tanning Company offered a free week of tanning and Devoted Creations lotion packets to hundreds of students who attended the event. Attendees also got the chance to spin the wheel for exclusive offers! Many students won free sessions and products, while a lucky few won an entire year of free tanning.

The Midas Touch - Annual Back to School Event

Devoted Creations Sponsored Event

The Midas Touch: Golden Tans’ Annual Back-to-School Event
Emporia, KS—August 28, 2014

Devoted Creations sponsored The Midas Touch Golden Tans’ annual back-to-school events this year, including an on-campus business showcase and a downtown block party. The annual block party is located in the heart of downtown Emporia and attracts approximately 1,500 people each year.

At the block party, businesses display goods and services for students and residents, and offer games for the chance to win free stuff. The whole staff of The Midas Touch, including owner, Darrell Ringler, were at the block party meeting new potential clients and giving away free lotions while having fun playing games! Devoted Creations sponsored the event by donating lotion packets, koozies, and cups to give away. The Midas Touch is a Five Star Diamond salon and proud to partner with Devoted Creations to offer clients the best in tanning skincare.

South Beach Tanning Expo

South Beach Tanning Company Expo

UCF First Year Advising and Exploration Welcome Expo
August 21, 2014

On August 20th 2014, Devoted Creations exclusive salon chain, South Beach Tanning Company was invited to participate at the UCF First Year Advising and Exploration Welcome Expo. This expo is a one-day event that acquaints the UCF community with campus resources and businesses in the surrounding areas. The FYAE Welcome Expo occurs during the first week of Fall classes while students are in the process of familiarizing themselves with everything Orlando has to offer.

This year, South Beach Tanning Company offered thousands of students who attended the expo Free Weeks of tanning, Devoted Creations lotion packets, and a chance to spin a prize wheel for exclusive offers! Many students won free sessions and products, while a lucky few won an entire year of free tanning.

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